Design Habitat

Bearing aesthetics and balance in mind, Saccaro came up with Design Hábitat, a concept that sets new boundaries for design.

The sights, shapes and textures of Brazil’s urban and natural landscapes inspire the creation of every collection. Inspiration all around gives life to pieces of furniture that balance functionality and creative freedom.

Each line and shade reflects the concept that translates intimate desires for a better life. Memories and dreams blend in and create what we may call a true home.
That is Design Habitat.


The end of a journey. A place where one anchors relaxes and surrenders to dreams. To develop this collection, designers Ana Revello Vazquez and Renato Solio drew inspiration from piers, a place of arrivals and departures. Pier collection, with its lean and versatile modules, allows countless compositions. An ideal collection for well-being habitats.


Hard, technical and aesthetical mining work. A quest for perfection. Designed by Roque Frizzo, Serra Pelada table pays tribute to a precious part of the Brazilian history: the gold rush that took place in the country during the 80’s. A piece of art that combines art and history and reflects the concept of design habitat.


Roque Frizzo drew inspiration from one of the most paradisiacal sights in Brazil to design a collection that reflects the beauties of the sea. Noronha translates a silent world that vibrates in beauty and colors. Armchairs, sofas, loungers, side and coffee tables compose one of the most versatile and bold collections of Saccaro.


The vivacity of the game. The savagery of the animal. The beauty of saddlery. The traditional and elegant sport inspired the creation of Polo Sofa, a piece that evokes freedom, elegance and contemplation. Signed by designers Ana Revello Vazquez and Renato Solio, Polo Sofa imposes its presence with style. Its shape and ergonomics make it a 10-goal handicap player.