The company’s headquarter is located in Caxias do Sul, in a region known as Serra Gaúcha. There, furniture manufacturing is a tradition inherited from the Europeans who settled the area. Saccaro is responsible for creating pieces that are widely recognized and is now present in all regions of Brazil. The company also exports its products to several countries in all continents. Its aim is to offer high-end furniture and experiences to those who recognize the value of craftsmanship.

SACCARO 70 years of history

“All things have meaning. Their meaning depends on how much we care about them. I believe love is what conveys meaning to life and to everything we do. Saccaro was founded based on love and I think I cannot deny that. It is something greater than we are. It is something that propels us and makes us move forward, in a search for happiness. Saccaro is not only a dream. It is the essence of what I am. It is who I am.“ (Albino Saccaro) Albino Saccaro, founder.

Solutions for corporative projects and rooms. The best resorts, hotels, flats, offices, clinics, restaurants and clubs in the country gain even more beauty and sophistication with the products and accessories of the brand.

Saccaro has been teaming up with architects, designers and artists since 1985. Those partnerships, that bring together the talent of artists and the craftsmanship techniques of Saccaro, have resulted in the creation of beautiful, functional, singular furniture pieces. Through its investments in renowned professions in the last three decades, Saccaro has greatly contributed to Brazilian design.

Da fabricação de cestas de vime até a comercialização de peças com design autoral, a tecnologia evoluiu muito. A Saccaro sabe que o talento, porém, continua no mesmo habitat: nas pessoas. A história completa dessa trajetória você confere no livro Saccaro: 70 years of history. Click here.



Saccaro is constantly taking actions that ensure environmental preservation and social responsibility. The company seeks to reduce its environmental impact by treating its wastewater, by reducing the generation of waste and by promoting recycling. The plant is registered by IBAMA, the Brazilian institute of environment and renewable resources, and operates under a license granted by FEPAM, the regional environmental protection foundation. Saccaro also requires that all its suppliers comply with environmental regulations and certify the origin of raw materials. Saccaro cares for its employees as much as it cares for the environment. Throughout its history, the company has ensured the well-being of people by promoting investments that ensure safe working conditions, quality of life and the development of its employees.