Conceptually the SACCARO franchise system was structured within the standards internationally validated, adapted to the worldwide reality and mainly to the furniture sector which has particularities that have to be considered so they can allow to the parts (franchiser and franchisees) favorable conditions of profitability in one consistent economically market and the continuous growing probability to the Network participants.

The SACCARO Franchising is specially conducted by its Gestures as a marketing strategy in all its dimension, which operational standards, Brand image represented by corporative identity in its several market presentations models and intelligence at technological solutions elaboration which are part of all commercial and Merchant of the Proposal, are a benefit set available to the participants of the System.

• Forms of participation at the Saccaro Network


They are commercial units with minimal footage of 500 m², which have as main purpose the exclusively sale at the Furniture, Decorative and Accessories retail, with proven quality and authenticity of its Products, identified exclusively by the SACCARO Brand.

It is part of the Brand orientation a differentiated attendance to the Customer, by the Sales Team, technical advisory service (whenever necessary) as well as the delivery and assembly of the Products at the purchaser’s place, through skilled professional, uniformed and prepared for this task.

The Brand franchise obeys the Corporative Identity defined by the System in all its representativeness, according to the following criteria:

1 – Store identification exclusively by the SACCARO Brand in its façade (frontal part); 2 – Store installation according to the Architectural and Decorative Project supplied by the Franchiser;
2 – Store installation according to the Architectural and Decorative Project supplied by the Franchiser;
3 – Store visual programming according to what was defined by the Marketing Department of the Brand and official Advertising Agency of the Network;
4 – Gesture, Technical and Store Operation Procedures within established standards by the Franchiser, according what was defined through the Franchise Contract and Manuals essential to the System;
5 – Exclusive Commercialization of supplied, authorized and/or indicated Products Mix by the System;
6 – Network systemic communication participation, through institutional campaigns (publicity) through one cooperative account created for this purpose;
7 – Advertising ads exclusively developed for the local or regional promotion of the Franchised Units and by the Franchiser itself guided by the System;
8 – Use of Stationery, Techniques and Marketing Actions developed exclusively to the Franchise.


This type of Brand Products distribution channel is predicted for places that do not present installed demand capacity for a Franchise implementation.

They are represented by retail units which act in similar areas, such as residential furniture products sales and/or decoration, adornment and furniture complements in such the SACCARO Products may be part of the respective proposal through a characterized space and decorated by elements which compose the corporate identity of the Brand.

The same way that the Franchises, the Corners are identified at the stores façades that have them through a SACCARO logo, as well as they receive the same orientations about differentiated attendance to the Customer in all dimension predicted by the Brand.


MANAGER FRANCHISEE The franchisee must participate in the company management that will take the grant of the Franchise, with most of social fees, responding by the Franchise to the Franchiser about various issues pertaining to its implementation.

INVESTOR FRANCHISEE Since society is defined in the condition of the Manager Franchisee, your partner(s) could participate as an investor in the company that will take grant of the Franchise, who will have his/her action limited to this condition.


It is fundamental that the candidate to the Franchise has real relationship with the Brand proposal, total time availability to dedicate to the business, besides being available to perform eventual trips to the Franchiser place and/or other places indicated by him to participate in events promoted by the System.

Taking risks is part of the enterprise, so you must be able to live with them, manage them and survive the same as it is also necessary to be creative, director, entrepreneur and high capacity of leadership teams in search of meaningful business results, be open to new ideas and practice-oriented methods by the Franchiser, as well as willingness to work 12-15 hours a day for 6 days a week.

It is not mandatory that the Candidate has experience in the business, but it is desirable that he should have professional experience in management level, either through his/her own activity or employmen. The candidate must possess a company incorporated or constitute one, with the specific purpose of assuming the operation of the Franchise, as guided by the social constitution by the Franchiser, as well as financially capable of installing the franchised store and enough working capital for the maturation of the business.


Once approved, the franchise brand candidate will have all support from the franchiser, considering the needs of pre-and post-opening os the franchise, noting the following script: • PRE-OPENING:

- Providing installation schedule of the Franchise, as well as information about the standard presentation of the Brand under observation to the defined concept for business;
- Guidance on the establishment of the company that will take the business of the Franchise;
- Initial training, covering all aspects relating to technical activities, management and operation of the business
- Planning together with the Franchisee on the deployment of the Franchise, considering the market niche, characteristics of the place, how to approach, marketing strategies, marketing and communications;
- Supply of different work materials, advertising materials, stationery and other necessary tools for the job;
- Supply of Products and various equipment used in the Franchise and / or guidance for the acquisition of other authorized suppliers;
- Guidance for the exhibition environment assembly of the Products in the Franchise Show Room.


- Product Supply as Franchisee requests, ensuring a natural and continuous development of the commercial activities of the Franchise;
- Provision and maintenance of the Exclusive Software of the Brand, settings and update according to the needs of the Network;
- Analysis of the Franchise business conduct and guidance on any corrections, operational adjustments, and business strategies;
- Monitoring of the Franchise business through Field Consultants, specifically trained to guide operations and commercial activities of the Franchisee;
- Reinforcement of Training and Franchisee Permanent Development and his/her functional team;
- Promotion of specific events such as conventions, seminars, service meetings and other related to the development of human knowledge;
- Market analysis and marketing permanent planning for the Network;
- Product research and development, as market trends at the national and international market;


The negotiations between franchiser and franchisee candidate will occur according as follows: • FIRST STAGE:

- The Candidate be in touch with the Franchiser;
- Franchiser analyses the interest degree of the Candidate;


- Franqueador encaminha Ficha de Pré-Qualificação para ser preenchida e devolvida;
- Ficha de Pré-Qualificação é analisada e se aprovada o Candidato é convocado a uma reunião na Sede do Franqueador;
- A pauta da reunião é entrevista pessoal, fornecimento da Circular de Oferta de Franquia e minutas do Pré-Contrato e Contrato de Franquia, fichas cadastrais e visita as estruturas do Franqueador e unidade-piloto;


- A minimal legal term observation to the Candidate analyses and clarifies any doubts related to technical and legal documentation of the System; - Franchiser and Candidate are still interested into the process evolution to open the Franchise?

- Formalization of the intention through Franchise Pre-Contract signature;
- The Franchiser supplies the Franchise Pre-Opening schedule;
- Initial trainings which are part of the initial information content;

- Negotiation process interruption; - The Candidate returns the documents and materials supplied until the moment by the Franchiser;


- Franchiser runs a generalized consultant about the Franchise pre-opening process; - Franchiser promotes the complimentary training related to initial training programming content and Franchise pre-opening, destined to the Candidate and his/her functional team;


- Executed all bilateral obligations in the Franchise pre-opening process;
- Franchise Contract signature with the company constituted by the Franchisee to take business of the Brand;
- Franchise opening event promoted by the Franchisee according Franchiser guidance;
- Operations initial planning predicted at the business activities itself.


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