The exuberant simplicity of soap bubbles is the starting point for the creation of the Bubble collection. Free from excesses, its pure and rounded lines provide visual comfort, arousing curiosity to the touch and an irresistible desire to sit down. Versatile and dynamic, the pieces are made up of modules that allow various assembly possibilities, creating a movement effect. While the application of gradient color recalls the iridescence of soap bubbles, the mesh that covers the pieces was developed from classic knitting techniques connected to intelligent technological systems, enabling textures and reliefs that guarantee more beauty and comfort.


ref 6303

Upholstered product Internal frame in aluminum and multilaminate Seat comfort given by the union of foams of different densities


Technical specification

  • BUBBLE OTTOMAN 27 1/2"X22 3/4"

    BUBBLE OTTOMAN 27 1/2"X22 3/4"
  • BUBBLE OTTOMAN 38 7/8"X33"

    BUBBLE OTTOMAN 38 7/8"X33"