The Mudra line represents the constant search for balance. A translation of optimism and positivity that lead us to overcome turbulence and reach harmony. The circular applications represent life cycles and bring to the product a mystical and delicate aura, which can be explored with a variety of finishes, where customizable colors and textures allow us to create an elegant atmosphere next to their habitat. Its base is formed by equal stems, but positioned in opposite ways. One of them connected to the ground, linked to matter, the physical world, work and money, and the other inverted, representing immaterial things, ideas, feelings and the spiritual face of all things. The compositions suggested for this product aim at harmonizing the environments, enabling connections with the spaces and with the energy of its Habitat.


ref 7920

Frame with the option of natural veneer or microtexture Door opening system with 180º rotation Metalized carbon steel handles or with epoxy paint Detail of the handles in natural veneer, microtexture, or marble Interior of the doors and shelves covered in leather Shelves with metal supports Solid wood base Central compartment with a mirror on the back and top Internal LED lighting with automatic activation Has 2 drawers for storing utensils Has 2 smaller drawers with linen organizers for storing beverages

Image product finish: VNL structure | AV feet | handle: GLD | Detail: BRM

Technical specification