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Oases are essential for people who are in the desert, regardless of the reason, as it is very important for the survival and well being of those who walk through the desert. The oasis allows travelers to rest and catch their breath to continue on their way. When professional and family life demands the most of us, the symbolic importance of the oasis is manifested – the moment of rest and reconciliation with our origin and our destiny. Resting after hard work is an almost always underestimated necessity in our civilization of progress, productivity and consumption. Rest, in its transcendental sense, is as or more important than work. Rest time is sacred. In the oases there is a concentration of special energies. When we are there, still, in repose and meditation, these energies permeate and focus within us. It is as if they create within us an energetic replica of the physical oasis we are in. This oasis will go with you wherever you go.


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