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Interacting with nature. Its name relative to surfing, a swell forms from storms on the high seas. The waves propagate for great distances in the sea, and as they get closer to the shallowest part, on the coast, they form these continuous waves that break when hitting a sandbar or coral reef. When a surfer says that “a swell came in” he meant that the weather changed at sea and the waves started to present themselves in the ideal way for surfing. This line brings elements that interact with nature. Composable sofa composed of 4 modules with a unique clipping system that allows an infinite possibility of compositions. A coffee table and a rotating side table, based on basalt stone that nature offers us in abundance. For wind and awning to create a nice shade for a rest after lunch with the UV finish. Fireplace to make a fire and gather around with friends at night.


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Device for connecting Swell seat and backrest Aluminum frame with epoxy paint Polymer tightening knobs